Retail Opportunities:
Catering Our Retail Offerings to All Members

Nicole Meyer is the Merchandiser/Buyer at Westborough Country Club in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Since we are a younger club, we have noticed the shift in not just golf attire, but also everyday attire. In order to accommodate all of our members, we wanted to bring in a clothing brand that golfers, tennis players and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from. We are fortunate to partner with lululemon, as they have become the staple for athleisure wear. This addition has helped make our shop more of a retail space for the entire membership instead of solely appealing to our golf members.

We carry leggings, tank tops, joggers, shorts, short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts and full-zip jackets. In addition to lululemon, we will also be carrying Rhone for women’s fitness wear this year. Rhone, which just partnered with the LPGA, is a new company, so we are excited to see their product in the shop. We also carry fitness-related accessories like Theragun, a foam roller, headbands and CBD products from Pro-Train. We have a fitness center on the property that all members are welcome to use, as well as a TPI-certified personal trainer who offers screenings and corrective exercises to help make sure our members’ physical improvements translate on the course.

In terms of placement, our lululemon display is at the front of the shop in the first display cabinet. While we want the rest of the membership to come shop with us, we don’t want to overwhelm them with all the golf apparel and accessories. Also, with lululemon being a big brand name, it catches the attention of the consumers and helps draw them into the rest of the shop. About 20 percent of our sales in recent years have come from our athleisure products, with lululemon leading the way. I’ve met more members since carrying these products, so foot traffic has definitely increased.

I believe athleisure wear is becoming at least half of what the average person wears. Athleisure can have a clean look while still feeling comfortable. The purpose of having the golf shop is for the members, so we want to make sure we have products they want to purchase. I understand we cannot curate everyone’s needs, but we would like to get as close as possible. When the members know we have apparel that can be worn in other parts of the club (swim trunks, athletic wear, business wear, etc.), they’re more likely to shop with us. After all, it’s a part of the membership experience.