Retail Opportunities:
Comfort and Style on and Off the Course

Christy Thurston, AGM, is the Merchandise Manager at Fields Ranch at Omni PGA Frisco in Frisco, Texas.

In recent years, the golf fashion landscape has witnessed a dynamic shift from traditional, time-honored styles to the trendy allure of athleisure brands — a transformation that has firmly embedded itself in the golfing culture. While the classic polo, paired with smart slacks, still commands respect, the infusion of captivating prints, comfortable joggers and casual hoodies has become an undeniable force. Fields Ranch golf shop, with its vibrant community of social media-influenced golfers, reflects this evolution in our carefully curated apparel selection.

Golf polos have become more than an on-course option. They are now a staple in men’s closets, seamlessly transitioning from the boardroom to upscale dining establishments. Fields Ranch carries a range of prints, from subtle and understated to loud and bold. Brands like Holderness & Bourne showcase reinforced collars for a sharp and polished look, while Peter Millar combines classic aesthetics in polos with modern hoodie styles that fly off our shelves. The hoodie category is incredibly strong and is currently outpacing the quarter-zip pullover. Dunning and Greyson get the lion’s share of hoodie sales.

The athleisure trend isn’t exclusive to men, however; it resonates just as powerfully in the women’s category. Short skirts and skorts have transcended the confines of the golf course and tennis courts, becoming everyday fashion statements. Brands now offer length options, with built-in panties as a standard feature and functional pockets adding practicality to skirts. Golf dresses are another favorite that seamlessly transition from on-course to after-golf activities.

Hoodies and casual outerwear are not just swift sellers but also the top choice for gifting among female golfers in the Fields Ranch golf shop. Daily, we see male and female golfers seeking out joggers to complement their style, opting for comfort over traditional golf pants. As lifestyles have changed in recent years, so too has fashion. Once we’ve experienced true comfort fabrics that are performance- enhancing mixed with style, there’s no turning back – and golf fashion exemplifies that.

As events unfold at Omni PGA Frisco, businesses and attendees engaging in multiple golf outings find significant value in our diverse athleisure offerings beyond the traditional polo and pullover. A group of 200 booked for April unequivocally chose hoodies as their preferred attire. Golfers love being able to wear their swag on and off the course.

The Fields Ranch golf shop customer is discerning and seeks comfortable athleisure pieces without compromising on fit and performance. We cater to savvy, educated buyers who are well-informed, knowing precisely what to look for to enhance their golf round and carry the style seamlessly into the after-golf experiences around the resort.

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