Retail Opportunities:
Fitness is Part of the Golfer’s Lifestyle

Stacey Little is the Retail Buyer for Horseshoe Bay (Texas) Resort.

At Horseshoe Bay Resort, there is a main area with a tower and condos, a fitness area, tennis check-in, a small pool and tennis and pickleball courts. Half a mile from there is the spa where we have fitness and yoga, and then we have our biggest store, the Marina, where we carry swimwear. We also have three golf shops, which are a few miles from there.

We serve resort guests and members – some golf and others just social. Different members enjoy different amenities around the resort, and a lot of golf members use the fitness facilities and pool, take classes and so much more. They’re all over the place; it’s not just golf.

We started carrying lululemon for women about five years ago, when the tennis pro brought it in in response to multiple member requests. After all, women aren’t only wearing it for fitness, but you see them wearing it to travel, to go out or even to a wine tasting. They’re not just fitness pieces, but lifestyle pieces like jackets, scuba hoodies and pants. As a result of their popularity with women, we now have a following for men’s lululemon. They like the way it feels, and once they wear it and buy it, they come back and want everything.

While the Horseshoe Bay golf shops are golf-specific, my golf members know they can pick up lifestyle and fitness apparel at these other outlets at the resort. They’ve learned if they want something fitness-related, they can go to the tennis shop or the spa. Also, at the Marina, there’s a small area where I carry T-shirts, sweatshirts and pullovers from ANETIK. These garments have our logo screen printed on the left and offer lightweight sun protection. Needless to say, they are a huge seller for us.

Fitness has become part of the golf lifestyle, for sure, and publications like Golf Fitness Monthly have highlighted the trends. In fact, we gave out the Therabody Wave Roller as a tee gift for our men’s Member-Guest, and Theragun Minis for the women’s Member-Guest last year. Both were very well-received.

Our facility is sort of a retirement community, where a lot of members play golf, but also use the tennis courts and gym. They’ll see me around the resort and ask, “Do you have any new lulu in?” They’re very fitness-oriented, so anything fitness-related is definitely a plus. They’re trying to stay in shape and slow the aging process, so this is a natural fit for us.

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