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Fitness Products that Ease the Pain

Patrick White, a three-time Indiana PGA Section Award winner, is the Secretary of the Indiana PGA Section and PGA Head Professional at Woodland Country Club in Carmel, Indiana.

Health and wellness have become more prevalent than ever, and a focus on fitness in player development programming is changing the look of our golf shops. In addition to the golf balls, clubs and apparel we carry, many golf shops have added fitness-related products. One item in particular, Theragun by Therabody, has found a niche in my golf shop. We started carrying Theragun Smart Percussive Therapy devices early last year, fully-stocking the product since the spring of 2020. With the boom in health and fitness due to the pandemic, I was able to cater to our members’ wellness needs with relevant product offerings.

We carry the Theragun Elite and Theragun mini models, and have sold more than 30 units in the past year, seeing particularly great interest during the holiday season. The price difference between these models often requires explanation of their features, but members are quick to understand what differentiates the two and can make a rational decision on which model will serve their needs. Members are buying the device to aid in recovery from golf or their daily workouts, and our own professional staff uses the Theragun every day.

We promote health and fitness-related products through our periodic Golf Shop Update email. One thing we have learned through COVID-19 is how important it is to maintain our health and wellness. Several individuals are walking more, working out on a regular basis and simply paying more attention to their bodies. In this communication with members, we provide key reasons for golfers to use the Theragun device – to warm up before a round and increase range of motion, to treat golfer’s elbow pain, to help prevent injury altogether and for post-round recovery to reduce pain and tension.

In addition to the Theragun devices, we also carry KT Tape, which alleviates pressure to the tissue and provides support to muscles so they don’t over-extend or over-contract, and the KT Tape Massage Ball, which offers the benefits of deep-tissue massage therapy and hot/cold treatment.

Our members have taken a more active interest in fitness, especially since the start of the pandemic, and Theragun and KT products are helping them play more frequently and with less pain. To facilitate more of a lifestyle change, we also offer personal training by a local fitness professional to help players maximize their flexibility and power in their golf swing. This fitness-related engagement helps increase golf shop sales, rounds of golf played and many other revenue streams at our club.

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