Retail Opportunities:
The Rise of Joggers

Lisa Goulian Twiste is in her 24th year as Senior Apparel Writer at PGA Magazine.

As golf apparel has become less about traditional styling and more about casual fitness-inspired looks, one garment that has seen a meteoric rise in popularity is the jogger. Originally made as “exercise wear” – quite literally for jogging – these lightweight, comfort-driven bottoms are not only at home on many golf courses, but can be worn to the gym, everyday activities or even in casual work settings.

“Joggers have been a great addition to our shop,” says Brian Delaney, PGA of America Head Golf Professional at Davenport Country Club in Pleasant Valley, Iowa. “Our younger members enjoy them both on and off the course.”

tasc, a pioneer in athletic apparel for golf, describes joggers like this on its website: “They are widest at the top and taper down the leg, fitting the ankle closely. Most joggers feature either a drawstring waist or an elastic waist, and the ankles are kept close to the body through the use of elastic as well. While joggers originally began as a form of sweatpants, today, they’re made of many different types of material and come in a variety of fits and styles that are more sophisticated and tailored.”

At January’s PGA Show in Orlando, many companies displayed their fall 2024 joggers. Industry newcomer KUHL presented its Freeflex Jogger at the event, which the company describes as “luxuriously soft, lightweight comfort that combines with superior flexibility and technical performance for a versatile pant built for action.” According to KUHL Sales Director Tyler Jackson, the rise of this category is a natural part of golf fashion becoming more casual and lifestyle-driven.

“We see top players wearing joggers and hoodies on the course as the game is being introduced to a younger consumer and a newer market for our brand,” he says.

At the same time, Mizzen+Main is touting its best-selling Helmsman Pant available in a jogger style, which features an elasticized waistband and athletic tapering to create a modern look.

“The lightweight moisture-wicking fabric makes them easy to wear everywhere you go, and the modern silhouette means they fit in at the office, transition straight into a twilight round of golf and are even comfortable enough for a night in,” says Jonny Wills, Mizzen+Main’s Senior Creative Manager. “Our PGA Pros continually tell us how much they love these pants, and there are even a few golfers we don’t officially sponsor who still choose to wear these pants.”

For Amy MacDonald, Merchandise Manager at Keystone Ranch & The River Course at Keystone in Keystone, Colorado, RLX Warp Tech Jersey Joggers are the bottoms of choice, as they appeal to the younger, more athletic players frequenting the shop.

“RLX Warp Tech Jersey Joggers are a stylish way to play golf in total comfort, and the company also offers a great selection of performance athleisure tops and layers to complete your outfit,” she says. “So you have that classic Polo look with the comfortable feeling of your favorite sweats.”

According to Director of Retail Bonnie Hamilton, joggers have also become an area of focus in the golf shop at Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington, Virginia, which carries options from Lululemon, Greyson, 7Diamonds and Nike, among others. “This category appeals primarily to the club’s younger members, and even though joggers are not permitted on the golf course, we believe it’s important to provide apparel this demographic can wear comfortably around the clubhouse and fitness facility,” she says.

Theresa Crystal, Director of Merchandising at The Country Club in Cleveland, Ohio, says she is selling a lot of joggers to younger people and doing particularly well with Redvanly, while Sara Muldoon, PGA of America Director of Golf at Hershey (Pennsylvania) Country Club, has done well with Vuori women’s joggers. In addition, Caitlin Flaherty, Retail Operations Manager at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, says Ralph Lauren joggers have emerged as her shop’s “ultimate athleisure pant,” appealing to men and women.

“These luxurious athletic trousers seamlessly merge style and comfort, thanks to their impeccable tailoring, fine stretch fabric and sleek waistband,” Flaherty says. “Ralph Lauren has masterfully crafted a pant that captures the cozy essence of your cherished sweatpants, while exuding sophistication and refinement. Even if you’re a more traditional golfer, these trendy, well-fitted pants offer a smooth transition into the world of athleisure, providing you with both comfort and style on and off the links.”