Retail Opportunities:
Welcoming 2024 in Comfort and Style

Lisa Goulian Twiste is in her 24th year as Senior Apparel Writer at PGA Magazine.

Fitness-inspired looks have become all the rage in golf apparel in recent years, and 2024 collections are poised to further this trend. This includes an influx of hoodies, joggers and long- and short-sleeve T-shirts – all becoming more refined and functional with each passing season.

“Golf is embracing the athleisure movement, with hoodies leading the way,” says Brian Delaney, PGA of America Head Golf Professional at Davenport Country Club in Pleasant Valley, Iowa. “Often sold with joggers, hoodies have become fashion-forward statements made in cashmere to camo with prices to match.”

“In general, I see golfers of all ages looking for comfort while they play, and they want to be stylish on and off the course – especially the younger and more athletic players,” says Amy MacDonald, Merchandise Manager at Keystone Ranch & The River Course at Keystone in Keystone, Colorado, who carries a variety of athleisure products in the golf shop. “RLX Warp Tech Jersey Joggers are a stylish way to play golf in total comfort, and the company also offers a great selection of performance athleisure tops and layers to complete your outfit and give you that classic Polo look with the comfortable feeling of your favorite sweats.”

Bonnie Hamilton, Director of Retail at Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington, Virginia, sells hoodies in both its fitness center and golf shop. Its best-seller is Greyson, which she says has an impressive range of designs and fabrics – from cotton to cashmere to wicking polyesters. “Greyson’s Cokato and Koko designs are our most popular, and the hoodies we sell in our golf shop are appropriate to wear on the golf course,” she adds.

Joggers have also become an area of focus for Hamilton, whose shop carries options from Lululemon, Greyson, 7Diamonds and Nike, among others. “This category appeals primarily to the club’s younger members, and even though joggers are not permitted on the golf course, we believe it’s important to provide apparel this demographic can wear comfortably around the clubhouse and fitness facility,” she says.

According to Kelly Komancheck, Golf Shop Manager at RiverCrest Golf Club in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, hoodies have become the new trendy piece of apparel being seen on golf courses across the country. “Every major golf apparel brand now has a hoodie in their line to choose from,” she says. “Whether private clubs allow them on the course or not, the move toward athleisure wear in golf shops has been brought on by people working from home because of the pandemic. I think this trend is here to stay for a while as each year players can buy a different brand, logo or material to add to their hoodie collection.”

At North Shore Country Club in Glenview, Illinois, they put a lot of stock in athleisure products, particularly customized hoodies, limited edition printed T-shirts and casual lifestyle shoes, like sneakers and sandals.

“Lucky for us, the majority of these items can be purchased directly from our golf shop – a win for both the members and our sales,” said Sydney Emmel the former PGA of America Golf Shop Manager at North Shore, before she and her husband moved to the Michigan PGA Section, where Eric is the PGA of America Head Golf Professional at Barton Hills Country Club. “In golf shop retail, your success means you must adapt to the changing times, and we have done just that in heavily incorporating the purchasing of athleisure and casual lifestyle pieces.”

After carrying T-shirts and hoodies for several seasons, Katie Wiedmar, PGA Assistant Professional at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York and 2021 PGA of America Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilities, decided to bring joggers in as well. She now carries styles from B.Draddy, Zero Restriction, Greyson and Levelwear and has done very well in the category.

And while Wiedmar has stuck primarily with men’s joggers, Congressional Country Club Directorof Retail Tracey Stearns says she is doing well with women’s products, particularly the Abendroth Peggy Professional Jogger. “Like most, we see a huge shift in casual lifestyle and have seen a great response from our women to the more tailored jogger style pants,” she says. “The women love the Peggy Jogger’s fabric and fit, and they are great for travel.”

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