Where to Start: Golf Fitness Equipment

Scott Shepard, a Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainer in America, is a Fitness Instructor at the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, Florida.

As seen in the November issue of Golf Fitness Monthly, Mike Bender and Scott Shepard discuss the importance of  incorporating golf-specific machines and exercises when building a fitness or performance center on site. With so many choices for fitness right now, your students should understand that what you’re providing is a much more directed program that is specific to the golfer and the golf swing itself.

Shepard recommends the following golf-specific machines to consider when building a fitness or performance center:

  • SuperFlex Fitness Bands
  • Soft Medballs (4-8 lbs.) and Bouncing Medballs
  • MiniBand Loops for Hip Activation
  • Kettlebells and Plates
  • Hex Bar or Landmine Bar
  • Cable or Pully-Based Loading
  • True Turn System
  • PhysioBall or Swiss Ball
  • Balance Training – BOSU, SmartBody Golf Discs, Half Foam Rollers
  • Grip, Forearm and Wrist Training
  • Tsunami Bar – Perturbation Type or Oscillating Training
  • Open Room for Movement and Speed Work
  • Speed Training Aids (Overspeed)
  • Stretching Pole or Stick Mobility
  • Speed Chains or Band Wave
  • Wall or Trampoline to Throw Medicine Ball Against
  • Battle Ropes
  • Mobility Tools Like Stretch Out Strap, Trigger Point Foam Rollers, TheraGun, Lacrosse Ball or HyperIce Vibration Ball/Rollers/Massage Gun

“Focus on Training that Improves Relative Strength, Positional Control, Movement, Speed and Sequencing.”

– Scott Shepard MSPT,
Mike Bender Golf Academy and Driven Golf Fitness and Sports Performance

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