Where to Start:
Identifying Your Club’s
Golf Fitness Needs

Alex Fisher (left) is the PGA Director of Instruction at Camelback Golf Club and
Chris Reed (right) is the Director of Program Design at Tatum Human Performance,
both located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It is important to create a culture within your player development programming or golf academy that incorporates golf fitness into the curriculum. Once you’ve identified students who would benefit from mobility, stretching and flexibility training, getting the message out on these available services is vital.

The golf fitness trainers and PGA Professionals should engage members with demonstrations and education seminars, as well as free classes. Members will often opt into your program as they gain a better understanding of the benefits. It is also beneficial to do these sessions together so members can witness the collaborative efforts of your golf and fitness professionals.

You don’t have to start big – just establishing a relationship with a golf fitness trainer can be the catalyst to growing engagement. Communicate the added value that golf fitness options provide members and students, and use newsletters, emails and your website to highlight those early success stories. It is also important for you to listen to members and gauge their needs through conversation and golf lessons, taking a holistic approach to game improvement. Understanding the physical limitations that set them back on the golf course will be a huge selling point when promoting the benefits of consistent golf fitness efforts.

Establishing a partnership with a local fitness center that employs golf- conscious trainers is a wise step to take. Host free events that educate golfers on golf fitness and TPI – 20-minute sessions that introduce the topic and give individuals the opportunity to ask

questions. Add golf fitness to your one-on-one lesson packages; as the results benefit one or two students, word will spread. Collaboration and communication are a vital tandem in launching this endeavor. Each professional should understand his or her role,and collaboratively educate and inform.