Where to Start:
Awareness, Marketing, Implementation

Lee Clothier, is an Assistant Golf Professional at North Ridge Country Club in Fair Oaks, California.

As an assistant professional, my range of responsibilities is broad and diverse. I take pride in running our women’s 18-hole tournaments, as well as our senior events. In the golf shop I am the men’s clothing buyer and I receive and process the invoices for the entire retail operation. Wearing many hats is what we do best as golf professionals. In fact, I also run our facility’s fitness program.

I am certified in TPI Level 2 Fitness and am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. I have a background that stems around fitness, as well as in the golf swing. With knowledge in both, I work with members who are in generally good shape and are seeking more clubhead speed and distance, and other members who require a more extensive fitness regimen to increase their strength and stamina. The programming is customized to each individual’s needs.

We don’t currently have a full fitness center or gym at North Ridge Country Club. We do, however, have an extensive state-of-the-art teaching studio on the far end of our practice range. Within this Performance Center, as we call it, is an array of fitness tools and equipment that I utilize in my golf and fitness instruction with members, including medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bands, yoga mats and SuperSpeed Golf training aids.

When our PGA Head Professional, Mike Galli or PGA First Assistant Professional, A.J. Musser, have students who need help reaching specific positions in the golf swing, they send them my way to assess the student and address the causes of any deficiencies. We work together to rectify the issues or lessen the shortfall. I also work with members who just want to feel better via a weekly workout plan.

We had no fitness presence ten years ago when I came to North Ridge and I’m proud to have built this from the ground up. It all started with awareness among our members, and continued education on my part. I introduced the program with group classes every Sunday, which spun off into one-on-one engagement and the creation of special packages and new programming for individuals.

Each member I work with gets an “NR Fit” tee shirt to further promote our special programming, piggybacking on a marketing campaign we put together years ago. Since those early days, our fitness endeavors have become an asset that aids in attaining new members and retaining them for the long-term.