Where to Start:
Empowering Clients Through the 3 P’s to Achieve the 3 E’s of Success

Spencer Tatum is the Founder and Performance Director at Tatum Human Performance in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At Tatum Human Performance, we aim to help our clients overcome challenges and achieve their health and wellness goals. Through physical training, mental clarity and positive daily habits, we empower individuals to see problems as opportunities for growth. Our team of experts uses science-based systems to facilitate change and guide clients to success.

Led by Spencer Tatum, an Exercise Physiology graduate from Ohio University with certifications in various disciplines, we offer our services to multiple individuals. From local private club members to world-class athletes, we have worked with diverse clients for over two decades. We have witnessed and resolved numerous issues, and our clients are highly motivated to achieve their goals.

In addition to serving elite athletes, our members range from retired executives focused on improving their golf outcomes to young golfers seeking high school and college opportunities. By leveraging data and technology, we optimize performance and unlock the potential of these individuals. Our goal is to drive desired outcomes and help each client reach their full potential.

When clients join our program, we take the time to understand their lifestyle, goals, medical history and preferences. We conduct body composition screenings to assess their stress levels and overall health. We evaluate their force, power, velocity and acceleration through advanced sport performance evaluation and training technologies like Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates, Output Sports and Proteus Motion. This allows us to determine their strengths and areas for improvement.

Our system is designed to be client-centric and scalable. Our education model and onboarding process ensures any trainer can pick up a client program anytime. We prioritize our team and culture, which are crucial to our clients’ success. We believe in the THP’s Three P’s – Great People, Process and Products – to drive successful outcomes and create a stellar client experience.

When working with golfers, we emphasize the importance of the body-swing connection. By developing a body that moves well, golfers can enhance their performance on the course. We collaborate with swing coaches to align our goals and expectations. While clients may not immediately attain certain positions or benchmarks due to physical limitations, our fitness work gradually improves their abilities. The golfer’s swing coach may need to adapt the swing to fit the individual’s limits temporarily.

At Tatum Human Performance, our education goes beyond physical fitness. We educate clients on overall health and wellness, highlighting the impact of recovery and nutrition on performance. For example, staying hydrated and fueling the body properly are essential for everyday golfers and tour players. These behavioral changes directly influence performance and help prevent injuries.

Whether working with beginners or seasoned professionals, we focus on executing the THP’s 3 E’s – creating the right learning Environment, fostering a positive learning Experience and Evolving thought processes. Our professional team ensures that our concepts and philosophies translate seamlessly into golf.

Join us at Tatum Human Performance in Scottsdale, Arizona, and let us empower you to reach your full potential.