Where to Start:
Gauging Members’ Needs

Josh Deekens is the Director of Aquatics at Sand Point Country Club in Seattle, Washington.

In my role as Director of Aquatics, I also oversee our fitness center and fitness programming. Our fitness center is open 24 hours per day and offers cardio equipment, free weights and a circuit of cable machines for members to use on their own schedule.

We contract with local fitness professionals to pro- vide individual and group personal training and yoga sessions, and our pool is open year-round to engage members in lap swim sessions, family swim times, group lessons and an aqua fitness program. We even have an adult swim team that competes locally. We are a physically active club.

When it comes to the relationship between golf and fitness, we do not currently offer golf-specific training outside of what our PGA Professionals are working on with their students. However, with the infrastructure in place, general fitness programming already on the calendar and a membership that thrives on diversity in programs, adding golf fitness programming in 2022 is a serious consideration.

It is my goal to collaborate with our PGA Director of Golf Craig Hunter to discuss such programming and learn about the primary issues members have in their golf swing. Are they physically able to do what the golf swing requires for maximum power, mobility, flexibility and balance on the golf course, or are their deficiencies holding them back? This is our opportunity to discuss members’ needs, brainstorm ideas and consider what processes to put in place. We may start small and expand as demand increases, but establishing the foundation and promoting awareness will be an effective first step.

Staffing needs will also be considered, as we may need to bring in additional fitness professionals who have a more varied expertise. I’m also looking at upgrad- ing some equipment that would consolidate many of our older pieces, creating more space in our fitness center to accommodate new programming.

Communicating the benefits of such programming will be a vital component of our success. How can time in the fitness center help members with their distance, stamina and overall longevity in the game of golf? It’s up to us to educate them and watch our efforts take off.