Where to Start:
Gearing Up for Winter in Our New Performance Space

Sean Saunders, PGA, a 2022 Golf Fitness Association of America (GFAA) Off-Course Award winner, is the Founder of 24/7 Golf Performance in Nixa, Missouri.

Back in March of this year, I wrote about the importance of fitness in my life and the increasing role it is playing in golf player development. I discussed how vital it is to screen and test clients to not only gain a baseline upon which we will gauge progress but also as a barometer that tells us the program we’ve put in place for this individual meets his or her long-term needs, rather than applying a quick fix that is almost always temporary.

I mentioned that I was renting space at Redline Athletics and discussed the aspirations I had for opening my own facility. Well, since that time SWS Performance has done just that, and now we’re 24/7 Golf Performance. We launched a new 3,700 sq. ft. facility in Nixa, Missouri, just outside of Springfield this past summer. This golf performance facility has two full-time coaching bays, two practice bays for clients enrolled in programs, a golf fitness area and a large putting green. Each bay has Uneekor EyeXO2 overhead launch monitors with cameras for feedback. The mission of 24/7 Golf Performance is to improve skill, movement, mobility, stability, strength and speed for the golf swing.

The 24/7 Access subscription is only offered to clients enrolled in programs so they can have 24/7 access to the facility to practice on their own schedule. They can book their practice bay through USchedule to get priority up to two hours per day. This is a value-added service for each client to help create the environment and feedback they need to practice effectively and improve long-term.

There are three contractor coaches who are TPI and U.S. Kids Golf Certified, and all coaches follow the same coaching model. They offer the foundation program, which includes five coaching sessions, starting with putting and progressing in increments away from the hole to the full swing. We call this Phase I of our process toward long-term improvement.

Phase II is our golf performance program, which includes five or ten sessions, starting with a body-swing assessment. TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) or FGS (Functional Golf System) screens are implemented along with video analysis for each initial assessment. All subsequent coaching sessions focus on the individual client’s needs based on the screens and video analysis.

This off-season, 24/7 Golf Performance is offering junior group classes (60 min.) twice per week. There is a 4:1 student-to-coach ratio per class, and each class will be broken into two parts. One part is on skills games to help promote fun competition, while also coaching our junior golfers on what to focus on during each shot.

The other part of the class is golf fitness and movement training. Here there are four stations that help each athlete improve their movement, balance, strength and speed functional to the golf swing. We encourage each student to work with a coach outside of the classes to perform a body-swing assessment monthly to track progress and focus more on their individual mechanics and drills. Many of the students enrolled in classes will have 24/7 access to the facility to practice effectively.

The goal for each client is to help them develop as well-rounded athletes. The 24/7 Golf Performance model helps prevent injuries while also improving skill and movement because each client has the tools to improve long-term.