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Milo Bryant is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Junior Advisory Board Member, the founder of the Coalition for Launching Active Youth (C.L.A.Y.) and the owner of Milo Limitless Fitness, located at Del Mar (California) Golf Center.

I have been training athletes from all sports at Del Mar Golf Center since 2013 and am the owner and operator of Milo Limitless Fitness. With a penchant for golf and a convenient location for my business, many of my clients have come from golf in recent years. The focus of my training is not solely on the elite athlete, however, as we serve all ages and skill levels.

Our calendar includes co-ed classes that meet three days each week, as well as women-only sessions that meet with the same frequency. These classes are not golf-specific but instead help participants lead a healthier lifestyle through generalized fitness, which not only brings joy to them on the golf course or their preferred field of play, but in their daily lives at home, work and on the go.

Beyond these weekly sessions, we offer small group sessions and personal training that focus on the specific needs of the individual or group participants. To best serve our golfers, I maintain relationships with many teaching professionals in my area. Together we’ll share information and collaborate to ensure our mutual clients attain the most effective programming that meets their needs. And of course, with our location at Del Mar Golf Center, I can guarantee them a knowledgeable golf coach right here onsite if they don’t already have a swing coach of their own. Golfers who train with me will get stronger, faster, more mobile and stable, and their swing will change as a result. They’re going to be able to do things within the golf swing that they couldn’t do before. So, having a PGA of America Golf Professional to hone their golf skills while we improve their fitness and their bodies’ capabilities is vital to improvement on the golf course. Otherwise, they’ll become a better athlete, but worse golfer.

As a fitness professional, I’ve always felt that the body is your most important piece of equipment, regardless of the sport you play – this certainly applies to golf as well. Addressing the issue of fitness and health and wellness shouldn’t only be done when we get older, but should start at the junior level.

I started the Coalition for Launching Active Youth (C.L.A.Y.) in 2012 and provide a world-class training curriculum to young athletes from 2-20 years old. We divide more than 600 sports into four categories that help trainers group athletes by like skills and performance modalities.

Categories and a few examples that fall under each of them include:

Running/Jumping Sports – sprinters, distance runners, long-jumpers, speed walkers, football tailbacks and defensive backs, cross-country skiers, mountain climbers and skaters, among others.

Dynamic Force Stabilization Sports – bobsledders, race car drivers, downhill skiers, bull riders, surfers, weightlifters, archers, ski jumpers and snowboarders, among others.

Acrobatic/Combative Sports – football offensive and defensive linemen, dancers, cheerleaders, boxers, trapeze artists, swimmers, wrestlers and gymnasts, among others.

Throwing/Striking Sports – All racquet sports, discus, hammer, shotput and javelin throwers, baseball and softball players, golfers, volleyball and crickets players, and football quarterbacks, wide receivers and kickers, among others.

C.L.A.Y. came about because I felt I could do more to eradicate obesity as a trainer than I could as a journalist. I immediately gravitated toward our youth to take on this challenge. The body, after all, is built for movement, and if I could help kids get addicted to movement, then that will continue through their teens and adult life.

At C.L.A.Y., we mask science, biology and neurology with fun, and we teach them why they’re doing what they’re doing to help them move better. We show them what they should be doing as their body matures through a long-term athletic development program that has rendered excellent results over the years. We’ve had over 140 former youth participants go on to play college golf and even some who’ve attained professional status.

In addition, I put together a certification program to help other youth coaches get their kids hooked on movement. This education should be prevalent in every sport at every level to take the training beyond the double or triple and into an overall health and wellness lifestyle that will enhance the lives of our youth forever.

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